September 22, 2008





Presiding Bishop releases Letter of Deposition of Bishop Robert Duncan


Pittsburgh, PA -- Today the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church informed the leadership of Across the Aisle, a local group committed to remaining in the Episcopal Church, that she had formally acted on the deposition of Bishop Robert Duncan, as authorized by the House of Bishops last week.


The notification came in the form of a phone call this afternoon from the office of Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. 


The direct communication is further evidence of the Presiding Bishop’s recognition that Across the Aisle is the primary group working to maintain a diocese in Pittsburgh that is part of the Episcopal Church, even if the existing Diocese votes at its upcoming convention to realign with an Anglican province in South America.


The reconstituting of the Diocese in Pittsburgh is being led by the people in Pittsburgh,” Jefferts Schori told a news conference on Friday, one day after the House of Bishops voted to depose Duncan.  “Across the Aisle” is a remarkable example of cooperation across a variety of differences of opinion.  The people of Pittsburgh are coming together and doing everything they can to protest these schismatic actions and remain in the Episcopal Church,” said Jefferts Schori.


Over the last months, Across the Aisle has been keeping the Presiding Bishop’s office informed of plans being drawn up locally to continue the Episcopal Diocese should realignment take place.


Today’s phone call to Across the Aisle leaders came shortly before the national Episcopal Church Center in New York made public the letter of deposition and a note sent from Jefferts Schori to Duncan.



About Across the Aisle: A theologically diverse group of clergy and laity committed to remaining in The Episcopal Church.  Members represent conservatives, moderates, and liberals from 30 parishes in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. 


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